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Our mission

Globally, research into the reproduction of hobby marine species is going very well. However, this is not yet applicable to common mortals and the techniques remain at the university, research center and company with large budgets. This does not protect us from an export closure and risks considerably reducing the number of species available. This is the case, among others, for seahorses where there were several species available before the species was placed under the protection of CITES "Convention on International Trades in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora".



The mission giver by Canada Aquaculture Marine is to offer reproduced and bred species here in Canada. To do this, the use of phytoplankton and copepods is essential. Using small amounts is problematic because it leaves no place for error.

Since the quantities produced are large, Canada Aquamarine offers these products at an advantageous cost. The money from these products is then used in the reproduction of marine species.